Friday 27.07.18, 19h.

CANAL is a project that researches sound and visual forms that direct experiences controlled by an emisor. Beyond the aesthetic results, the recordings in this disc are an exercise filtered by physical effects and psychological consequences of an environment. The intention is to point out reality as something that can be built for particular purposes.

PATENTE is a book in which compiles patents of different electronic devices designed to induce specific moods, insert subliminal messages and affect human behavior at a distance.

Juan-Pablo Villegas (Mexico City, 1986) sees filmmaking as a way to bring together his interest in images & sound. It takes as a starting point the body’s perception of external stimuli & how that influences our personal & collective experience. The tools he uses derives from audiovisual principles that allow reflection by changing the way they are conventionally used. In recent years, he has researched issues related to translation & the expansion of the sensory spectrum, the animist condition of objects & the formation of the psychosomatic.