Dilettantes_Flyer_2_front-2Dilettantes#2: Cellarkalt live-set

13.02.2016, 20:00 Uhr

Dilettantes is an electronic music cycle of performances featuring dj sets and live acts. In the second edition Dilettantes is presenting a live performance by Cellarkalt.  A combination of cassette recorded sounds, text, along with live noise generated by drone synths.  

Around the year 1999 Cellarkalt began crafting weird compositions in a basement. Using very simple equipment he created his own little world full of obscure ideas and captured them on tape. After pressing pause on the project in 2003, he returned 10 years later with a cassette tape release on Elephant Recordings out of the UK.  Since this resurgence Cellarkalt has added experimental videos for some of his compositions, giving the work a new dimension.  Get ready for a psychedelic lo-fi experience.

Hosted by Vinilette.