Echo Buecher & Rue de Plaisance present Echography

Exhibition Opening 12 May, 19:00/h

Exhibition runs until June 9th.

“Echography” is the first showcase proposed by the French electronic music label Rue de Plaisance. Created by Varoslav in Paris 7 years ago, Rue de Plaisance has developed an eclectic catalogue that ranges from house music to ambiant sounds. Each EP is delivered with a unique illustration made by the artist Virassamy. With bold strokes in black China ink, he creates a dense and dark universe colored in singular emotions.

This first showcase will take place in the atypical Berliners library, Echo Bücher, a space for contemporary music, sound and club culture. On this occasion, Virassamy will create a special decor. Come discover the Rue de Plaisance world, vinyl, posters, silkscreen…

Music by : Liviu Groza & Kennedy Smith