Oct. 26 – Nov. 23, 2013

We are pleased to show a video retrospective of Easter. An insight in the weird universe of the berlin based duo through 14 videos.
It is difficult to categorize the music of Stine Omar and Max Boss. Both call it simply „pop“, but what makes it interesting is a combination of new wave/punk attitude with a sort of experimental psychedelic existentialism.
Easter’s songs are soundtracks. And every video is like a movie. A visual translation of their music. As such, they work as an enhancement of what their songs talk about. A further explanation of the world as they see it. They stage the everyday life as an artist video work, their dreams and nightmares are portrayed as narrative feature films. They question the boundaries of the traditional music video and bring this obsolete format to a new domain. The inherent reflection of the traditional music video as itself and the blending of genres which nourish their visual canvas, make their work an excercise of postmodernism and an aesthetic innovation at the same time. There are traces of an intrincate compound of heterogeneous elements in their videos. Such as pop symbolism, surrealistical films, american drama series, advertisements, performance or contemporary dance. They use mostly their bodies to explore the potentials of art and the role of the artist. The human body works simultaneosly as vehicle of their music and as a sensual narcissistic and ambigous way of seduction.