In the Dark Again Showcase & Exhibition by Laura Herz

Opening on Thursday 18 January 2018, 19:00-22:00 h.

Exhibition runs until March 3rd.

As a visual treat, this label showcase will be accompanied by an intentionally curated photography exhibition of Laura Herz.

Musically, (secret line up to be revealed after the New Year) we have invited some friends to spin sounds from the In The Dark Again universe and beyond.

Looking forward to seeing you. It will be a night to remember!

About the label:

In The Dark Again is an outlet for dark and trippy tunes. The music operates between the edges of Wave, Electro, Industrial, EBM, Acid, and Electronica, from new talents and established artists. Currently, eight Various Artists EPs have been released on vinyl, plus one album by the label boss: Snuffo

We at In The Dark Again are committed to art in all forms. It has been our pleasure to work closely with our good friend, the incredibly talented graphic designer and producer, Stefan Gubatz, on the art for our label. Yet, in 2017, Laura Herz took over this postion, with her fantastic photography and design skills, we are thrilled to add this new energy to our productions.

About Laura Herz:

Fading into focus from a foggy foreground, seamless sceneries take shape once seen through the smoke screens of every exposure. A natural distortion pulsates panoramic visions viewable beyond the frames, from the very front of her photographs.

When perspectives permit the eyes to widen & sharpen, an ambient aura awakens all senses & seemingly creates emotional motions in her Still Life, Landscape, Documentary, & Conceptual photography. What if white noise could contain an arrangement of melodic compositions comparable to a 17th century symphony?

Melting subjects into backgrounds as an amplified resonance returns to it’s original source after a few revolutions around itself. Seeing a frequency & hearing a dimension dismantles depth perception & delivers a unique gaze given to the viewer of her works, one shot at a time. Laura Herz Photograpy