Mumei presents: Book Launch with Sound Performances

11.05.2016, 7pm

FOUR is a text-sonic-art book that examines the boundaries between sonic experience and text in terms of scores, images, objects, literature, poems, notations and so on. Each work articulates silence and space that is in some way sonic. 

Mumei celebrates the physical publishing of reductive journal FOUR, the fourth issue of its free online text-sound journal with an evening of selected performances from the book.

FOUR includes works by Ryoko Akama, Daniela Cascella, Joseph Clayton Mills, Patrick Farmer, Jürg Frey, Christine Sun Kim, Sarah Hughes and David Stent, Daniel del Rio, Manfred Werder, Io wie, Audra Wolowiek.

Performers: Ryoko Akama, Lucio Capece, Heather Frasch and Koen Nutters

They will perform scores from book FOUR on the evening.