Music for Jaw Harp – Marios Visvikis and Panos Tsigkos

Live set + visuals

Thursday 7 april, 7pm

Through this collaboration, Marios Visvikis and Panos Tsigkos are trying to create an audiovisual experience inspired by the album “Music For Jaw Harp” and old silent video footage from Nepal. They use a combination of synthesizers and primitive acoustic instruments such as jaw harp, kalimba, overtone flute and gong. The product is a blend of minimalistic, electronic and ambient music.

Marios Visvikis

Marios has been playing and composing his own music for the last few years, and has been a part of numerous musical projects playing several musical instruments. His first album was published in 2008. He is the founder of Amola Kalimba, a store in Athens with musical instruments from around the world. In December 2015 he released “Music For Jaw Harp” 10”vinyl, accompanied by a 16-page booklet about the instrument.

Panos Tsigkos

Panos studied classical and jazz piano from early age and after his engineering degree, he studied piano technology in Boston, USA. He is a full time piano technician and an active jazz piano player. He likes to combine synthesizers and electronics with acoustic instruments.