September 6th, 8pm

Author Matthew Collin discusses his new book ‘Rave On: Global Adventures in Electronic Dance Music’ with Heiko Hoffmann, the editor-in-chief of ‘Groove’ magazine.

About the book:
Three decades after the acid house ‘summer of love’, electronic dance music has gone from subculture to global mainstream. Does it still have the same power to inspire?
In ‘Rave On’, author Matthew Collin travels the world, from Ibiza and Berlin to New York and Las Vegas, from Shanghai and Dubai to the Black Sea and the Sea of Galilee, to find out how dance music culture has mutated and if its innovative spirit has survived.
Matthew Collin is also the author of ‘Altered State’, the original book about acid house and rave culture in Britain.

Praise for ‘Rave On’:
The Times: “Part history lesson, part vibrant dance-floor travelogue, Collin’s smart geographical survey shows how club culture mutates and adapts.”
The Guardian: “Ten x-rays of dance culture in ten global hotspots that lovingly trace the history of each locale’s sound through its DJs, promoters and proponents … Both scholarly and intimate… Collin’s quest is never short of illuminating.”