Caniche editorial presents “Edit” by Sonia Fernández Paz.

08.03.2023, 18:59 h.

Echo Bücher@Hard Wax

Paul-Linke-Ufer 44 A, 10999 Berlin

Dancing is an experience that doesn’t want to be told. It undoes the world of words with gestures. To remember it we have to get back to dancing. Yet there is an intimate relationship between language and dancing: our gestures and words are never quite our own. Inspired by music “edits” as a methodology,Edit proposes different versions of the same track to create a sequence of written remixes where each text reworks the previous one and anticipates the next. By incorporating the logic of dancing into language, Edit is also a account of shared gestures that reassemble stories of anonymous dancing bodies. In a similar way to how the same body can be (con)moved by different music scenes, Edit goes through language looking for the ” accessible, skin-deep and sensory” of music in words.

The presentation will be held by the author, Sonia Fernández Pan, together with music journalist Lucía Morales. In addition to many other conversations, both are related from their passion for music and dancing. This event will be in Spanish.

Drinks & dancing after the talk.