Saturday August 4th, 8pm

An evening of three, solo, sound performances; each incorporating or addressing field recordings and/or other forms of “fields”.

William “Bilwa” Costa / un/natural fields
un/natural fields is a project that utilizes un/natural field recordings, man-made, digital, analogue, and mechanical sounds, as well as many other incidental sounds, which make up a city’s soundscape on metros and other indoor and outside public spaces. He has recorded sounds in various cities including: Istanbul, Mexico City, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, NY, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Riga, etc. In addition to recording, he does “overdubs” in which he plays back these recordings in other locations, creating new recordings which combine the unique qualities of two or more spaces/situations.
Bilwa combines these recordings with electro-magnetic mics and sine-tones to create experimental music scores which employ techniques associated with Musique Concrète, electronic music, and sound phenomena research; including: phasing, oscillation, binaural beating, cancellation, etc.
William “Bilwa” Costa is an artist who works in the performing, sound, and visual arts contexts. His work includes: performance, installation, experimental / electro-acoustic music, sound art, field recordings, real-time composition, graphic scores and conceptual structures for sound and movement.

Weiwei Liang / When I am not listening to music
Marking her debut in sound performance, Weiwei Liang will perform a set based on her recent release on Auris Records. The release contains ten sound-situations at various insignificant spots, heard by chance, recorded when passing by, noticed by their abstract qualities: texture, rhythm, distance, movements and their self-formed composition.
Collected in the winter of 2017 when the artist was visiting her family near 22°N 113°E, followed by a travel to the “Porcelain Capital” at 29°N 117°E, which has been producing pottery for over 1700 years.

Each cassette box comes with a different cover photo, taken with a mobile phone, and collected over the past few years, with the same spontaneous attitude as recording the sounds for this release.
Weiwei Liang is an artist and freelance art director. After studying Visual Communication and Information Experience Design (MA) in the Royal College of Art in UK, she worked in London, Shanghai, Beijing, Copenhagen and Berlin for various multi-disciplinary projects. Her practice includes art direction for still and moving images, branding, communication design, exhibition design, textile design, object making, filmmaking and painting.

Kamil Korolczuk / untitled
Kamil Korolczuk is an improviser and sound artist who works with field recordings, tape and modular sound processing. Co-organiser of a regular event series Les Tomates Amplifeés. Founder of tape label tmrw> and co-founder of Auris recordings. Member of Krakow Improvisers Orchestra and various music projects in Berlin and Poland.