Infinite Waves presents:

Assembler (live set)

Equis (live set)

Grøn (live set)

+ DJ: Misantrop

July 1st, 7pm

Since its formation as a tape label in 2013, Copenhagen based imprint Infinite Waves has worked it’s way across a wide array of sounds, with forays into areas such as indie pop, “modern classical”, IDM, musique concrète, noise, ambient and far beyond.

Equis is Xenia Xamanek Lopez who works with coallges, synthesis and samples- creating a dense long-form process music that seems to have equal measures of composition and improvisation in its DNA. She is also playing in different copenhagen based alternative jazz and rock bands, so fresh diversity is the backbone of Xenia’s Equis moniker. Her debut album “Men’s Health” was released in 2015, and her second album was released start April this year. She studies at Danish Institute of Electronic Music (DIEM) in Aarhus.

Assembler is Claus Haxholm working within the field of experimental techno, often played ad hoc exploring sonic structures with a strong connection to the moving bodies, in whatever form. Abstract and confusing aswell as concrete and helping. Having released tapes, vinyls and youtube videos the Assembler sound keeps evolving and getting deeper into the digital bacteria levels of the human psyche.

Grøn is the soloproject of Bjarke Rasmussen. He is also owner of the record label Infinite Waves. Grøn explores ambient layers of floating and warm repetitive synth sequences mixed with atmospheric field recordings, creating a profound feeling of tranquility. These bright and highly affecting positive soundscapes are omnipresent and almost location specific at the same time.

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