Doble Sol & Echo Bücher present:

“The Lagoon of Floating Echoes EP” Record Release: Soundtrack for a Short Story by Jari Sperling

16.06. 8pm

The first short stories of Jari Sperling were written like IDM tracks. Influenced by early WARP material, he wanted to capture the structure of an Autechre track on paper. Sudden changes of narrative rhythm, unpredictable plot development, apparent randomness, repetition of words, use of samples, harshness and dissonance, obscure and philosophical subject matter, and a certain hidden melancholy formed a common pattern in his early work. Sperling was especially fond of Autechre’s EPs where just a few tracks were released; some hidden, short sonic intros and meditative long ambient scores. “The Lagoon of Floating Echoes” is a homage to the electronic music Sperling listened to in his mid-twenties after he moved to Berlin. The short story has been released on 12” vinyl format – with two tracks and a sound collage – in advance of a forthcoming book. The author invited two music producers to create music based on the short story. The record is an interdisciplinary work, connecting literature with music, art and cinema. This evening we will present to you the text, the record and a visual work. A video, entirely generated by code, has been produced as a cinematic teaser by Eduard Prats aka Jocabola.

Literature, music and visuals blend into a unique experience. Join us!

Jari Sperling is a writer and translator based in Berlin.

Pedro Vian is a music producer and owner of the label Modern Obscure Music.

Niki Neecke is a music producer, sound designer and owner of Useful_Updates.

Eduard Prats works at the intersection of generative design, realtime graphics and interaction. He co-founded Resonate in 2011.

The Lagoon of Floating Echoes 12″ Vinyl

Soundtrack for a short story by Pedro Vian & Niki Neecke


La Llacuna dels Ecos Flotants (Pedro Vian)

The Lagoon of Floating Echoes (Niki Neecke)

Echosee (Niki Neecke)

+ The Lagoon of Floating Echoes (story by Jari Sperling)

Album Cover Artwork by Júlia Soler

Design by Marc Arroyo

Voices by Oliver Brown and Scot Macdonald