Livity Sound. An Exhibition of Original Sleeve Artwork by Tess Redburn

Exhibition Opening 17.08.17, 7pm

The Exhibition runs until 19 September 2017

Tess Redburn is a painter and illustrator from London, UK. Since 2013 her work has defined the sleeves of influential Bristol record label Livity Sound. Drawing influence from twentieth century modernists Léger, Matisse and Picasso, her colourful organic aesthetic provides a contrast to the restrained greyscale palette often associated with techno.
This exhibition showcases the original paintings from the Livity series. The launch party will see performances from label boss Peverelist and Berlin resident Gramrcy.

Livity Sound is a Bristol/London collective and label who apply a classic soundsystem approach to modern club music.
Since the first releases produced by Peverelist, Asusu, Kowton and released in 2011, the label has shared music by Batu, Bruce, Randomer, Simo Cell, Forest Drive West, Hodge, Via Maris and Alex Coulton. Their music explore futuristic forms of techno, grime, jungle and bass that are rooted in Bristol’s rich soundsystem heritage.