The music and artwork of Tenderpark by Till Sperrle

Exhibition Opening 28.04.2017, 19:00

DJ: Vina Yun & Tenderpark A&R Drei Farben House

Exhibition runs until May 20th

Echo Bücher celebrates the music and artwork of Berlin based House music label Tenderpark with an exhibition.

Tenderpark combines an interest for casual Deep House and Disco with a love for architectural pictures and images which revolve around the interactions and various states of interplay between man-made and natural environments.

On display will be several of the record label’s key photographic images starting with Tenderpark’s latest album release by Drei Farben House whose cover artwork highlights the ‘Doris and Norman Fisher House’ in Philadelphia designed by modernist architect Louis I. Kahn from 1960-1967.

In the center of the exhibition are several pictures by photographer Magdalena Bichler who has shot a very captivating series of black and white photos which adorn the cover sleeves of various Tenderpark 12“ records and address interdependencies of artificial and natural. Rounding off the exhibition is a picture by photographer Stephan Wolff which stages a modernist building from the era of the former GDR (DDR) in Jena called ‘Glashaus Paradies’ by architect Friedhelm Schubring.

What all of Tenderpark’s record artworks have in common is the careful and prospective art direction work of graphic designer Till Sperrle who has been focusing on conceptual designs in the field of electronic & independent music for a long time now.

Musically, Vina Yun from Missy Magazine will be backing the opening of the exhibition with a fine selection of Disco records accompanied by Tenderpark A&R Drei Farben House who will drop a few House and Disco classics as well.