Transmissions from the Afro-Future II

The Return of the Detroit Techno Future Visionaries

Abdul Q. Haqq & Alan D. Oldham

Exhibition Opening 23 November 19:00h

Exhibition runs until December 12th.

Live painting by Abdul Qadim Haqq

Sounds by Lisa Q & The Black Warhols (Alan Oldham’s downtempo project; xfive./Pure Sonik)

Detroit’s graphic visionary Afronauts are back. Alan Oldham and Abdul Haqq return to Echo Bücher after a successful vernissage in their hometown.

Between them, Haqq and Oldham have imaged hundreds of releases from such legendary techno and house labels as Transmat, Djax Up Beats, Underground Resistance, Axis Records, Nightvision Records, PLUS8, Astralwerks Records, fabriclondon, I-ROBOTS, Finale Sessions, BPitch Berlin, and many, many more. Canvases, prints, books, original slipmats, and CDs will be available for purchase.