The Diamond Valley – Soundtrack for a Short Story by Manta & Nicki Neecke Doble Sol 02-12″


The Diamond Valley Doble Sol 02 12″

A El Valle Diamante (Manta) 10:09 min

B1 Intro 1:27 min

B2 The Diamond Valley (Niki Neecke) 7:39 min


The Diamond Valley is the second of a series of releases featuring electronic music and literature. Doble Sol began life way back in 2013 as a book publisher with a translation of cult gnostic sci-fi book A Voyage to Arcturus. The novel by Scottish writer David Lindsay, first published in 1920, has been a great influence for lots of artists and electronic music producers, such as Tarwater or Vakula. Having a passion for both literature and electronic music, the publisher and writer David Armengou, released an EP last year as an advance of a short story compilation book.The vinyl project was so rewarding a formula has now definitively been set, where electronic music producers who are keen on interpreting fiction are asked to create a soundtrack for a different short story featured on the record sleeve.
Modern Obscure Music label owner Pedro Vian started the series with The Lagoon of Floating Echoes. This time around Manuel Carvalho aka Manta (Paralaxe Editions) goes deep into the Diamond Valley with a stunning meditative 10 minute ambient track, which turns into sound the metaphysical journey of the lost parachutist. Sound designer and producer Niki Neecke repeats his contribution with another vivid sound collage and an amazing acid track.

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