Thursday August 9th, 8pm

Robert Heel presents his new recording „Unant“ with a live set.
Robert Heel skilfully fuses elements of ambient, drone, field recordings and dub to create original sonic landscapes;
sensual and captivating. An immersive soundtrack of sonic sceneries and emotions.

“Unant” is a dark, atmospheric and epic drone piece. While Robert`s first vinyl “Prairie” was a bright journey from hazy hills to light-flooded plains this second release “Unant” is quite the opposite story. It is an odyssey through dark and shady woods. A soundtrack to a dark night where plundering desperados wander around spreading devastation and unsettledness.
A monumental piece that deals with the absurdity of life and struggle of being, while shimmering hope is flashing up.

Robert Heel is a Berlin based audiovisual artist and electronic musician. His audio and audiovisiual pieces are deeply rooted in drone, ambient and dub.
Robert has been pushing visual music and concept-driven audio production for a long time. Traveling between live visuals, exhibitions with performances, art-prints and deep dubby Techno he found his own voice – distinct but unpredictable.
Releases on: Etoka Records, Archives, Sonic Soundscape Lab, Tactical Tapes. Robert runs the vinyl label „Seldom Seen“.

„echo“ runs the cassette tape label „tactical tapes“ and has been djing and collecting records for more than a decade.
He is an expert in sweeping bass music and sophisticated drones with a special interest in bulgarian choir music.
Expect the unexpected with this gent on the turntables.

Seldom Seen

Robert Heel